Feb 21, 2014

eMedia Guitar

I have ordered a guitar through guitar center couple of months back for my daughter. It was pretty easy ordering through their website.  They carry lots of brands like Vox, Mitchell etc.  Packing was very neat and the delivery was also very prompt. Now I am looking for a guitar tuner and waiting for the brand to arrive.  Last week their teacher asked us to check out
classic emedia guitar and we are yet to start exploring on what that means.

Multi Color Crystal Earrings

Feb 3, 2014

Acoustic Guitar

As I have mentioned in many of my earlier posts, my girls are learning to play guitar for the last three years an recently the guitar master from whom they learn guitar have started giving us lists of books for them to try out and he has also asked us to upgrade the present guitar to a bigger size and he gave us the suggestion to buy therogue starter acoustic guitar from where he usually orders his music books and instruments.

Jan 11, 2014

Pink Jade Necklace

Planet Waves

As I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, my girls go to guitar class and every time they finish a book/level, their teacher will ask us to get some new books or upgrade something in their guitar.  This time he said classic planet waves tuner.  We made a note of it and went to the shop and then realized that it is a brand name.  We finally managed to buy one from them.

Green Jade with green stones hanging..

Nov 14, 2013


Our water heater got repaired few weeks back and we had to replace it right away.  I ordered a water heater through a famous local store and they said they will come and fix the new one the next day as I ordered it after 2 pm.  Mean time, my neighbor said he will try to fix the water leak from the heater.  He looked in our tool box and searched for some screws.  But he couldn't find it.  So he went online and he told me that he is looking to buy a specific type of screw which can help us to stop the leak and he managed to find one and helped us on time.

Aug 27, 2013


There is something known as Shure which is a term familiar with people who are learning guitar and for those who are masters in guitar.  Recently, we came across this name and the my girls' guitar teacher said that he will explain about this after the winter break. Shure is the best one as far as their master's opinion.